Reviews for Premazon Family Law

Ellie Smith

Ms. Premazon did an excellent job getting things done for my family. She was able to sort through our uncertainties, helped us make good decisions and got documents done and filed promptly. Knowing these legal details are handled is a great relief for us. She is a great advocate, recommend her highly.

Randy Harris

Ms. Edie met with me and my girlfriend before we moved in together. She listened to our concerns, and responded with guidance and legal advice. She created a legal document that kept my house and our personal items separate. She went above and beyond to help us. Would totally recommend her!‚Äč

Terrell Thomas

Ms. Edie went to court with me for back child support I owed. Was facing jail time. She was tough with the other Attorney and got me a settlement that I could handle. NO jail and now money comes out of my check. She is awesome!!

Janet Harris

Attorney Premazon helped me through a complicated matter with several people involved and a lot of money. She understood I was nervous and walked me through what to expect and stood by my side through the process. Everything turned out to my advantage and I was totally happy with the result and her representation.

Brenda Jefferson

Attorney Edie Premazon represented me during my divorce mediation and literally kept me from an expensive court battle. She prepared me for what to expect, we had a game plan going in and she fought for me and my kids. She is strong and kept thing calm and real even with my crazy ex husband and his lawyer.

L. Berry

I took my elderly father to meet Ms. Premazon on a friend's recommendation. I had been dreading it because my father can be extremely obstinate and unwilling to listen. Ms. Premazon patiently explained to him why his Power of Attorney and Medical Directive needed to be updated to reflect the newer laws. She listened to him, but kept him focused on the documents and he agreed. She further explained to us the benefits of a POA over guardianship. As I have taken over more and more of his business, these documents have proven to be invaluable and her advice was on target. There have been times I have texted her to say "You were so right" or "Thanks again."

Reviews for Premazon Family Law