Mediation and Arbitration Areas of Practice

Mediation and Arbitration
Areas of Practice

  • Qualified Arbitrator
  • Qualified Mediator
  • Advanced Family Law Mediator
  • Qualified Elder Law Mediator
  • Qualified Employment Law Mediator
  • Qualified International Negotiator and Mediator
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At Premazon Family Law and Mediation we take a no nonsense approach as Mediators. We facilitate Attorney’s and their clients to find mutually beneficial solutions to emotional and complex legal cases.

With over 20 years of experience we reach settlements where others fail. Our mediators are trained with superior communication abilities, including neuro-linguistic programming and non-verbal skills.

Our strength lies in the ability to take each contested issue and create resolution for all parties, even when it requires complex problem solving and unconventional thinking.

We have also served on Arbitration panels and mediated conflicts for Fortune 500 and International Companies. We pride ourselves on getting results through successful mediations in Family Law, Employment and Elder Law cases.

Houston Mediation and Arbitration Areas of Practice