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We understand that most clients are unfamiliar with the legal system and disputes that involve families can create emotions and enormous amounts of stress.

At Premazon Family Law and Mediation we are committed to representing our clients best interest and guiding you to the most cost effective solution.


At Premazon Family Law and Mediation we care about all areas that impact families. We represent workers and their families following an accident, injury, disease, or death at work. We file prompt claims to secure medical treatment, lost wages, and benefits for our clients.

Mother and daughter with Premazon Family Law

Workers Compensation


Mediators are trained, neutral professionals who help people have fair conversations that can result in a settlement where the parties decide the result instead of a judge or jury. This saves both time and money for our clients.

We have over 20 years experience at Premazon Family Law and Mediation in settling cases through the Mediation process. Whether you need a Mediator or attorney to represent you in a Mediation and Arbitration, we are here for you.

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